Since 2004 Bina, Kaari, Valkea and Aura, raised several litters. Karelian Bear Dogs bitches usually have 5 to 9 puppies in litter. Dogs from our kennel live in various countries in Europe and North America. Besides, Bilbo as an excellent stud sired numerous offspring - during last seven years we welcomed bitches from Poland and abroad.

If you want to purchase a Karelian Bear Dog you need to keep in mind that:

- Reciprocates the feeling, if we have a respect for him
- Recognition of a dog personality is the basis for cooperation
- It is a independent and stand-alone dog
- It is a dog that requires a lot of space and everyday stride and run
- Is best used as a hunting dog
- To train the dog, are needed consistency and perseverance

The information about selling of the puppies you will find in the section  "News and Information"

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