Founder of breeding Thorvalta - Piotr Thor (1946-2010) 

   The THORALTA kennel has began in 2001 when Bina Albus and and Vojno Albus joined our family. In 2004 Bina, with her first dog litter (with Sambo Bjoernehusets) started our big family adventure.
    In 2006 from Denmark has arrived Bilbo Bjoernehusets and he is an excellent stud. Also from Denmark comes Kaari Bjoernehusets, bitch very successful in shows and hunting.
    Kaari is a granddaughter of Bina - in Denmark lives son of Bina - Rakas Thorvalta, who during last few years has expanded a local population of Karelian Bear Dogs.
    Valkea Thorvalta is the daughter of Bina Albus and Bilbo Bjoernehusets. Valkea, the same as Kaari is a breeding bitch. Bina, Bilbo, Kaari and Valkea have International Champion titles.
   In our family also lives Honka Albus, who due to illness is beyond breeding, and Aura -Z Wilczego Dworu, a retired bitch who came to us from another kennel.

  • Need to keep in mind that:
    - Reciprocates the feeling, if we have a respect for him
    - Recognition of a dog personality is the basis for cooperation
    - It is a independent and stand-alone dog
    - It is a dog that requires a lot of space and everyday stride
      and run
    - Is best used as a hunting dog
    - To train the dog, are needed consistency and perseverance