Honka Legionowo 2004 puppie

£ód¼ 2005 Bina

£ód¼ 2005 BOB CWC CACIB


Warszawa 2005 BOB CWC CACIB

Katowice 2005 BOB CWC CACIB

Koenigsberg 2005 CAC CV


Club Show £ód¼ 2009 - VALKEA

Couple in World Dog Show - Bratislava 2009 BILBO & KAARI

Internationale Dog Show Wroc³aw 2009 - KAARI res


KAARI - Spitz Club Show 2009

£ód¼ 2009 Club Spitz Show



WDS Bratislava 2009 - BILBO in the center


  • Need to keep in mind that:
    - Reciprocates the feeling, if we have a respect for him
    - Recognition of a dog personality is the basis for cooperation
    - It is a independent and stand-alone dog
    - It is a dog that requires a lot of space and everyday stride
      and run
    - Is best used as a hunting dog
    - To train the dog, are needed consistency and perseverance