History of Karelian Bear Dog

Suoman Kennel Lutto Association was founded in Finland in 1934 to gather the breeding substance to reproduce an old native breed; a Karelian Bear Dog.

Karelia is a region north of the Finnish Bay and has belonged to Finland for many years. Because of the hunting values of the region and the variety of the climate the Karelian dogs have specialised in accompanying men hunters. Just as Laika's, they have proved to be excellent deer, moose, bear and wolf hunters.

In Canada and the United States the dogs protect homes and residents from predators. Karelian dogs are also used for dog sledding a par with Samoyed, Husky or Malamute. In Poland, mainly hunts wild boars.

Karelian Bear Dogs are brave, willing to fight, fierce and tenacious, they have excellent sight, hearing and smell. They are happy to work with the hunter, but often the ability to self-preservation in the field requires discipline and attention. These features influence the opinions, that the dog it is difficult to train; however, consistency in training will give you the right results.

Karelian Bear Dogs are wonderful companions not only for hunters, but for anyone who appreciates a deep contact with animals.

Adult dogs are not very big; they are as high as 60 cm in shoulders. They weigh 25 kilograms. They are very strong, usually black with white spots on the muzzle, neck, chest, belly and lower part of their limbs. If they stay in the sun a long time their fur becomes slightly brown.

FCI-Standard N° 48 (pdf)
  • Need to keep in mind that:
    - Reciprocates the feeling, if we have a respect for him
    - Recognition of a dog personality is the basis for cooperation
    - It is a independent and stand-alone dog
    - It is a dog that requires a lot of space and everyday stride
      and run
    - Is best used as a hunting dog
    - To train the dog, are needed consistency and perseverance